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AI Blockchain Matrix – Combating Poverty and Climate Change
17 Jan 2020 -  AI Blockchain Technologies-Humanity Solutions for the Future.

This forum will bring experts to provide answers, and hopefully for humanity’s sake - solutions. The current lack of international standard codes and implementation is both a blessing as it gives AI blockchain a limitless horizon to expand into, but also a potential curse should one day the Machine turns into a Monster.

The sessions will be focused on three dominant areas of critical importance, essentially relating to humanity’s past, present and future development, applications and interactions with advanced AI and blockchain technologies.

1) Technology will cover the past development of AI and blockchain.
2) Commercial will cover the present applications and potential merging of both AI and blockchain.
3) Humanity will cover the future management and control over AI-blockchain supremacy. For the humanity debate, focus will be on how an advanced AI-Blockchain Matrix can be utilized to combat both global poverty and climate change.
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