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(Part 2) Gateway Portals to the City - Infrastructure for Sustainable Urbanization
19 May 2017 -  SESSION 3: CASE STUDIES – Reshaping cities and the urban rural continuum through Gateway Portals
Feniosky Pena-Mora, Commissioner, NYC Department of Design and Construction
Professor Francisco Sanin, Syracuse University (Medellin)
Foster & Partners (Droneport Project)
Michelle Young, Founder, Untapped Cities

SESSION 4: Gateway Portals in the implementation of the New Urban Agenda: A conversation on the way forward
Professor Eugenie Birch, Penn Institute for Urban Research; President General Assembly of Partners (GAP)
Filiep Decorte, Acting Director, NYC Office, UN-Habitat
Navid Hanif, Director, UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Office for ECOSOC Support and Coordination
Sarbuland Khan, Former Executive Director, Global Alliance for Information and Communication Technologies (GAID)
Juwang Zhu, Director, Division for Sustainable Development, UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs

Aliye P. Celik, Vice President, CSU
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