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Policies to change the world
24 Sep 2020 -  The panel discusses, in detail, policies that can move the needle at different levels on the SDGs, specifically, focusing on upholding dignity and human rights, taking meaningful action that is not just optically-pleasing, and taking action as an individual. While also tackling policies at three levels: government, business and individuals, the session empowers viewers, giving them concrete actions to take in their own lives or advocate for in their own cities, regions, and countries.
-Host: SDG Action Zone
-Alaa Murabit, Founder of Voice of Libyan Women, Founder of Omnis Institute, and CEO of Impact 2030
-Jana Amin, 17 year old Egyptian-American Activist, USA/Egypt
-Jamira Burley, Activist and Social Impact Strategist, USA
-Aigagalefili Fepulea’i - Tapua’i, Urban Orator and Activist, New Zealand/Samoa


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