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Once There’s Life, There’s Hope" Melissa Fleming (UN) interviews Funmi Balogun (UN Women) - Awake at Night: S3-Episode11
23 Oct 2020 -  "I expected that COVID Coronavirus was actually the opportunity, what the UN was established for. That was why we have the UN. That's you know, when we have a global crisis, we have something that all of us can fall behind. And to see how the UN is being undermined. And the negativity that has surrounded the UN generally, has worried me, what's going on? [...] You know, I thought we had settled all of those things."

In this episode of Awake At Night, Funmi Balogun, head of Humanitarian Action at UN Women, speaks with Melissa Fleming, Under-Secretary-General for Global Communications, about her work in supporting some of the world’s most vulnerable women and girls - people who are displaced or refugees, and about how she is working to make sure that the humanitarian response does not perpetuate gender inequality.

Screen-shot photo credit: ©UN Women/Funmi Balogun