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Roundtable discussion on Resiliency and Rehabilitation of Victims of Terrorism
9 Nov 2017 -  Roundtable discussion to raise awareness on the importance of supporting victims of terrorism during their rehabilitation.
It includes the screening of a documentary produced by UNTV featuring 2 victims of the July 2011 terrorist attack in Norway. “Surviving Terrorism: Victims’ Voices from Norway,” produced by the Department of Public Information, offers an intimate portrayal of two victims of the July 2011 mass killings by Anders Breivik.
The screening is followed by a panel discussion bringing together victims, Member States and civil society organizations representatives, including:
■ H.E. Tore Hattrem, Permanent Representative of Norway
■ Mr. Vladimir Voronkov, Under-Secretary-General, UNOCT
■ Ms. Maria Palacios, Minister Counsellor, Permanent Mission of Spain
■ Ms. Kamzy Gunaratnam
■ Mr. Viljar Hanssen
■ Ms. Odette Chesnot, Association libanaise des Victimes du Terrorisme
■ Mr. Ahmed Hadji, Muslim Youth Development Forum
■ Ms. Sallie Lynch, Tuesday’s Children
■ Ms. Laura Dolci, United Nations