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4th International Day of Women and Girls in Science - Girls in Science for Sustainable Development: Vision to Action
12 Feb 2019 -  Over the past 25 years, the United Nations and its agencies have drawn the attention of the international community to the serious gender gap that affects science. The role that women should play in science at all levels has thus become a priority on the agendas of many national and international political institutions. Yet, the advancement of women and girls in science has not only stalled, but has started regressing with a widening of the gender gap in science. Reversing this trend and recognizing the rightful role of women in science both as change agent and recipient of support in science will be indispensable in order to achieve the 2030 Development Agenda.
The Fourth International Day of Women and Girls in Science Forum is focusing on: “Investment in Women and Girls in Science for Inclusive Green Growth”.
The purpose of this Forum is to harness the strategies, expertise and resources across the broadest spectrum of policy-makers, professionals, civil society and the private sector to move investment in women in science for inclusive green growth into the mainstream discourse, and to identify implementation gaps and co-create action plans. It is anticipated that this will spark sustained public demand for lasting political action within the UN Intergovernmental processes and other international, regional and national fora.
This Session "Girls in Science for Sustainable Development: Vision to Action" will be convened by young change-makers and passionate girls-in-science advocates from around the world to present their vision on how they can utilize science to achieve sustainable development goals. Further, girls in science will experience interacting and debating with UN Officials, Diplomats, women in science and corporate executives.
This session strives to empower, educate and embolden the potential of every girl. The aim of this Panel is give girls the opportunity to gain core leadership skills, training in community-building and advocacy.
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