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We stand in solidarity with NYC - The International Community gives back
12 May 2020 -  The COVID-19 pandemic has had devastating effects on thousands of people, including in large urban cities worldwide, and it has proven that we are more interconnected than ever before. Throughout the world, individuals and groups have teamed up to show solidarity in several ways, raising funds to support and help fight this battle in their respective communities.
As the UN International Community in New York, we represent a cross-regional group who now consider NYC our home and wish to show our full support and commitment to both the city and its people in this challenging time. We are proud to launch the #StandWithNYC campaign to raise funds for the New York City Mayor’s COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund. This fundraiser, powered by the United Nations Foundation, will support New York’s most vulnerable during this unprecedented health crisis, including health care workers and essential staff, local businesses, displaced hourly workers, and families and youth.
Through this initiative, we aim to use our collective voice to express our solidarity and resolute support for New York City and its people as it battles the COVID-19 pandemic.
We hope you will be moved to donate generously toward this worthy cause.
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