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Debate on Threats to International Peace and Security: Mercenaries activities as a source of instability and destabilization in Africa - Security Council, 8456th meeting
4 Feb 2019 -  Open debate under the agenda item: Debate on Threats to International Peace and Security.
Mercenary groups and the illegal activities that they carry out represent a serious threat to the independence, sovereignty, security, territorial integrity, constitutional order, stability and peaceful development of many vulnerable nations that are at the mercy or are direct or indirect victims of these groups. The recruitment, use, financing and training of mercenaries violate the purposes and principles upheld in the Charter of the United Nations, in the Constitutive Act of the African Union and in many other national and multinational legal instruments. However, the lack of awareness and the absence of coordinated measures to prevent this activity and counteract its proliferation result in the loss of human life and significant material damage, and they have a negative impact on national policies, economies and the peaceful coexistence of nations. This reality should generate deep concern on the part of the international community.
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