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(Panel 1) International Dialogue on Migration 2017
18 Apr 2017 -  Panel 1 – Implementing the SDGs and other major frameworks: how the Global Compact on Migration can help meet commitments made
In light of its significance to the international policy agenda, migration has become a recurring feature in many of the global frameworks adopted by Member States in recent years. It is also central to many bodies of international law, including human rights and international humanitarian law, amongst others. However, despite this wide attention, there are many gaps in the way migration is addressed. Specifically, implementation of the migration commitments requires an enhanced operational capacity and resources. This panel will provide participants with the opportunity to discuss the ways in which migration is reflected in major frameworks dealing with the development, humanitarian and human rights aspects of migration, to identify the gaps in coverage across the various agendas, and to determine how the Global Compact on Migration can address those gaps and otherwise operationalize the commitments made to date.
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