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ID: Human Rights in Venezuela (Cont'd) - 24th Meeting, 44th Regular Session Human Rights Council
15 Jul 2020 -  CONTINUED - Interactive dialogue on:
United Nations High Commissioner's report on the situation of human rights in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela A/HRC/RES/42/25 href="https://undocs.org/en/A/HRC/44/54" target="_blank">A/HRC/44/54
Item 4: - Human rights situations that require the Council’s attention

44th Regular Session of the Human Rights Council.

Oral statements delivered at the session (provided that States send them), lists of speakers and draft resolutions, are available on the HRC extranet [username: hrc extranet (with space); password: 1session] (Recommend bookmarking this page)

Albania, Mr. Ilir Nezaj
Poland, Mr. Zbigniew Czech
Peru (Video Message), Ms. Silvia Elena Alfaro Espinosa
Eritrea, Mr. Adem Osman Idris
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Ms. Rita French
Argentina, Mr. Federico Villegas
China, Mr. Liu Jia
Belarus, Mr. Andrei Taranda
Myanmar, Ms. Zen Sian Hung
Iran (Islamic Republic of), Mr. Javad Amin-Mansour
Syrian Arab Republic, Ms. Rania Al Haj Ali
Nicaragua, Mr. Carlos Ernesto Morales Dávila
Lao People's Democratic Republic, Mr. Kittiphone Sayaphet
Cambodia, Mr. Sokkhoeurn An
International Service for Human Rights, Ms. Beatriz Borges Urrutia
International Commission of Jurists, Ms. Mathilde Laronche
Asociacion HazteOir.org, Mr. Luis Losada
Organization for Defending Victims of Violence, Mr. Fathi Khaled
Amnesty International, Ms. Valentina Ballesta
United Nations Watch, Mr. Diego Arria
World Organisation Against Torture, Ms. Teresa Fernandez Paredes
Human Rights Watch, Mr. Jose Miguel Vivanco Inostroza
Ingenieurs du Monde (Joint Statement), Mr. Hala Neuer
International Human Rights Association of American Minorities (IHRAAM), Mr. Ronald Barnes
Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) (Country Concerned), Mr. Jorge Valero
Ms. Nada Al-Nashif, Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights (Final Remarks)
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