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Local Action for Global Commitments - HLPF 2020 Side Event
14 Jul 2020 -  The fourth Local Action for Global Commitments event took place virtually, under the theme of *Inclusive, Resilient and Green COVID-19 Response and Recovery at the Local Level*.
The event highlighted that cities and human settlements are on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic. They often have important responsibilities not just in the immediate response to this crisis, but also in leading their communities in recovering from its socio-economic impacts. It is, however, clear that we cannot just strive to re-gain the pre-pandemic status quo. To become more resilient to future crises—be they disease outbreaks or climate-related disasters—cities and communities must address longstanding inequalities, nurture local economies, and strengthen sustainability. Against this background, the event pursued the following objectives:
- Advocacy and awareness: Build a greater understanding about what it means to achieve an equitable and green response and recovery and the particular opportunities and challenges local actors face in doing so.
- Solutions: share promising innovations and solutions to promote an equitable and green response and recovery at the local level based on the SDGs.
- Partnership: foster exchange and engage new partners in the Local2030 community to foster collaboration around equitable and green response and recovery at the local level.
The event consisted of a high-level opening, moderated panel discussions and a closing. The two moderated panels focused on the responsibilities of local governments during the response to and recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, and the importance of inclusiveness and sustainability in guiding local recovery from the crisis.
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