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Panel Discussion on human rights of children - 5th Meeting 24th Regular Session of Human Rights Council
11 Sep 2013 -  Panel discussion on human rights of children of parents sentenced to the death penalty or executed
H.E. Mr. Remigiusz A. Henczel, President of the Human Rights Council

H.E. Mr. Bertrand de Crombrugghe, Permanent Representative of Belgium to the United Nations Office in Geneva

Introductory remarks:
Ms. Flavia Pansieri, Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights

Message from:
Ms. Marta Santos Pais, Special Representative of the Secretary General on Violence against Children

• Mr. Jorge Cardona Llorens, Member, UN Committee on the Rights of the Child;
• Dr. Sandra Jones, Associate Professor, Rowan University, USA;
• Ms. Nisreen Zerikat, National Centre for Human Rights, Jordan;
• Mr. Francis Ssuubi, Executive Director, Wells for Hope, Uganda
5th Plenary Meeting - 24th Regular Session of the Human Rights Council.

HRC extranet (information on daily updates, draft documentation, copies of oral statements etc.)
Cuba (on behalf of the CELAC), Ms. Anayansi Rodriguez Camejo
Norway, Mr. Erling Hoem
Pakistan (on behalf of group of countries), Mr. Afaq Ahmad
Australia, Ms. Ruth Stone
Italy, Mr. Marco Lapadura
Angola, Mr. Apolinário Jorge Correia
Sweden, Ms. Irina Schoulgin Nyoni
Argentina, Ms. Valeria Ddrocco Rabaglia
Spain, Mr. Luis Redondo
Algeria, Mr. Mohamed Djalal Eddine Benabdoun
France, Mr. Pierre Le Goff
Ireland, Ms. Doireann Ansbro
Penal Reform International, Mr. Olivier Robertson
Verein Sudwind Entwicklungspolitik, Ms. Tania Ahmadikaliji
Friends World Committee for Consultation, Ms. Rachel Brett
Belgium, Ms. Danielle Haven
Poland, Mr. Jedrzej Uszynski
Morocco, Mr. Amine Chabi
Switzerland, Mr. Jean-Daniel Vigny
Thailand, Mr. Naras Savestanan
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Ms. Téresa Levigne
Montrnegro, Ms. Ljubisa Perovic
Egypt, Mr. Mohamed Elmolla
New Zealand, Ms. Amanda Ellis
Austria, Mr. Thomas Hajnoczi
United Arab Emirates, Ms. Shaikha Al-Zaabi
European Union, Ms. Christina Kokkinakis
South Africa, Ms. Noumisa Pamella Notutela
Portugal, Ms. Manuela Teixeira Pino
Moldova, Mr. Victor Moraru
Amnesty International, Mr. Jan Wetzel
Servas International, Mr. Magnus Adams
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