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Bridging the Digital Divide - SDG Action Zone during UNGA75 High-Level Week (22 September 2020)
22 Sep 2020 -  Digital entrepreneurs and game changers harness the potential of digital economy to better navigate the current health and economic crisis with 50 per cent of the world offline.
-Uju Uzo-Ojinnaka, Founder and CEO, Traders for Africa, Nigeria
-Magellan Mario Jordan Fetalino III, Founder and CEO, Acuden Technologies Inc., Philippines
- Nancy Amunga, Founder and CEO, Dana Logistics, Uganda
- Alena Dique, Youth Network, UNCTAD, Oman
- Arlette Verploegh, Chief, Communications and External Relations, UNCTAD
-Brian Wong, Founder, Ali Baba Global Initiatives and Adviser, Efounder Fellowship


The SDG Action Zone is the foremost collaborative space for engaging world leaders and emerging leaders to supercharge and accelerate solutions for the sustainable development goals.