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2nd Annual Celebration of International Nurses Day at the United Nations - Honoring Nurses in Front Line Roles
11 May 2018 -  This event's purpose is to recognize nurses who have done exemplary work in their respective fields and have had a strong impact on global health. We have nurses coming from around the world---for instance, one nurse is coming from Syria where she is working in a refugee camp, two others are coming from the West Bank where they treat both Israeli and Palestinian women and babies without discrimination and still others work here in the US and their work has global effects.
This year we will honor 21 nurses and Villanova University School of Nursing approved this event for all nurses to received continuing education credit with 2 contact hours awarded (hence the reason we are charging money to cover this cost.) Both corporate and non-profit entities have provided their support either monetarily or providing help & assistance gift-in-kind. (I will attach a list of these sponsors) It takes place to commemorate International Nurses Day which is May 12th, Florence Nightengale's birthday, the founder of nursing.
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