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Protecting minority rights during humanitarian crises - 9th session of the Forum on Minority Issues
25 Nov 2016 -  Item 4 : Protecting minority rights during humanitarian crises

This session will seek to identify the needs of minorities, including the specific needs of minority women and children, during humanitarian crises and to assess the risk they run of suffering disproportionately from the impact of such crises. Participants will reflect on various factors that perpetuate the disproportionate impact of crises on minorities and discuss the need to develop more targeted strategies and increase aid and security investments to better meet the specific needs of minorities. Participants will discuss ways to ensure that minorities are not discriminated against in the delivery process of humanitarian assistance and will address the wide range of situations in which minorities can find themselves during a humanitarian crisis, including being forcefully displaced, trapped between conflict lines, dispersed or forced to flee to another state to seek international protection or to fulfil a life that is no longer sustainable in their fractured societies.

Presentations by:
- Ms Michele Klein-Solomon, Director of the Migrants in Crisis Initiative (MICIC), International Migration Organisation (IOM)
- Dr Chaloka Beyani, Professor of International Law, London School of Economics, and former UN Special Rapporteur on the human rights of Internally Displaced People
- Ms Laura Ronkainen, Field Support Manager, Joint Internally Displaced Persons Profiling Services (JIPS)
- Dr Farah Mihlar, Minority Rights Expert

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