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António Guterres (UN Secretary-General) Video Message on the Prevention of and Response to Sexual Exploitation and Abuse

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Video Message by United Nations Secretary-General, H.E. Mr. António Guterres, on the Prevention of and Response to Sexual Exploitation and Abuse.
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Sexual exploitation and abuse violate everything the United Nations stands for.

Perpetrators abuse power; harm and traumatise victims; and tear apart the trust placed in us by the communities we serve – communities already experiencing untold hardship. 

It is up to all of us to eradicate sexual exploitation and abuse from our work, support victims, and hold perpetrators and their enablers to account.

That means leaders taking a zero-tolerance approach, as a priority. 

It means colleagues reporting on, and acting against, any wrongdoing.

And it means Member States properly vetting and training their troops and police officers, responding urgently and decisively to any allegations, and rapidly resolving all paternity claims.

Together, let's stand united under our blue flag, redress wrongs, and stamp out sexual exploitation and abuse for good. 

Thank you.


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