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SDG 2 EGM follow up "Uniting Forces: Integrating…

SDG 2 EGM follow up "Uniting Forces: Integrating Science, Policy, and Society to Achieve Zero Hunger (HLPF Side Event)

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The 2024 Expert Group Meeting (EGM) on SDG 2 underscored the urgent need for innovative approaches to accelerate progress towards ending hunger and achieving food security and nutrition for all. Recognizing the critical role of the science-policy-society interface in driving transformative change, this 2024 HLPF side event aims to build upon the insights and recommendations from the EGM to catalyze action towards SDG 2.
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The side event aims to:

  • Synthesize the key findings and recommendations from the SDG 2 EGM and identify opportunities for leveraging the science-policy-society interface.
  • Showcase examples of successful initiatives and partnerships that integrate scientific research, evidence-based policymaking and active societal engagement to advance SDG 2.
  • Facilitate dialogue and collaboration among diverse stakeholders to develop actionable strategies for accelerating progress towards Zero Hunger.

The side event will feature a facilitated panel discussion bringing together experts, policymakers, practitioners and representatives from civil society organizations and the private sector to share experiences and explore the co-creation of innovative solutions to accelerate progress towards Zero Hunger.

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