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Gulf of Guinea - Peacebuilding Commission Ambassadorial…

Gulf of Guinea - Peacebuilding Commission Ambassadorial-level meeting

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In the lead up to the Tenth Anniversary of the adoption of the Yaoundé Code of Conduct, the PBC Ambassadorial-level meeting on 'Strengthening Peacebuilding and the Implementation of the Regional Maritime Security Framework in the Gulf of Guinea' provides an opportunity to discuss the key achievements and remaining challenges of regional efforts in implementing the Framework.
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The meeting offers an opportunity to take stock and exchange lessons learned on the national, regional and multilateral efforts as well as to explore how the international community, particularly the PBC, can further support inter-regional efforts to fully operationalize the Yaoundé Architecture and address the root causes of maritime insecurity.

Opening remarks by Chair of the PBC, H.E. Mr. Ivan Šimonović

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