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Empowering Lives, Transforming Societies: Social…

Empowering Lives, Transforming Societies: Social Policies for a Sustainable Future (CSocD62 Side Event)

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Since adopting the SDGs in 2016, Kenya has demonstrated remarkable progress towards their realization. The government has translated commitments into actionable projects and programs. The Government is implementing some social protection initiatives targeting vulnerable groups in line with the SDGs. These initiatives aim to alleviate poverty and enhance resilience to economic, social, and natural shocks among the population.
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Objectives of the side event

  • To share insights, experiences, and best practices related to social protection programs and initiatives in Kenya, contributing to the overall goal of reducing vulnerability and promoting inclusive development.
  • To share experiences on leveraging technology, partnerships, and community engagement to enhance social protection initiatives' effectiveness, reach, and sustainability.
  • To share experiences from beneficiaries of social protection initiatives

Proposed Programme 

  • Welcome/introductory remarks from the Moderator (5 mins)

  • Presentation by Speakers/Panelists (7 mins per Speaker)

  • Q&A session/interaction with audience

Focus of Discussion

Social Protection Systems in Kenya:

  • Overview of Social Protection Programmes in Kenya
  • National Social Safety Net Programme/ Enhanced Social Registry (ESR)
  • Economic Inclusion Programme
  • Family Promotion and Protection Programmes
  • Social Health Insurance & Income Security
  • Beneficiary experiences
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