"Saving Seas, One Swim at a Time" Melissa Fleming…

"Saving Seas, One Swim at a Time" Melissa Fleming (UN) interviews Lewis Pugh (UNEP Patron of the Oceans) - Awake at Night: S8-E4

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Lewis Pugh was never afraid to take the plunge. Now ocean advocate for the United Nations Environment Programme, the record-breaking cold-water swimmer has completed long distance swims at both of the earth's Poles, in the Red Sea, and along the length of the Hudson River, to spread a message of habitat renewal and conservation.
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"Everything relies on us being able to drink clean water and breathe fresh air and live and take care of this planet. So it's habitable. Everything else is secondary. This is about sustaining life on earth."

Healthy oceans, seas and rivers are essential to supporting life on Earth - providing food, medicine, and acting as the world's largest carbon sink. In this episode, Lewis Pugh reflects on his love for the water, on his breathtaking swims, and on breaking the diplomatic ice to create the world's largest marine park.

Photo credits: © Lewis Pugh Foundation

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