2nd Plenary Meeting - 17th session of the UN Forum…

2nd Plenary Meeting - 17th session of the UN Forum on Forests (UNFF17)

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The seventeenth session of the UNFF (UNFF17, 9-13 May 2022) will hold policy discussions on the implementation of the UNSPF, including interlinkages between the GFGs and targets and the SDGs under in-depth review by the HLPF in 2022, consider proposals made during technical discussions held during UNFF16.
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UNFF17 will also convene a High-level Round Table on Forest-related Multilateral Developments, such as the Glasgow Declaration on Forests and Land Use, to provide a platform for senior officials of Member States, non-government and non-UN actors, and the UN system to highlight roles of forests in addressing ongoing global challenges, and the interlinkages of forests and other issues in the agenda of major international fora.
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