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Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ukraine, Middle East & other topics - Daily Press Briefing

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Noon briefing by Farhan Haq, Deputy Spokesperson for the Secretary-General.
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We have an update from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where violence against our peacekeeping mission is continuing to escalate. 

Turning to Ukraine. Our colleagues tell us that yesterday we, along with our humanitarian partners, delivered 50 tons of relief supplies for 5,000 people to Stepnohirsk, close to the front lines in south-eastern Zaporizka oblast. 

Lynn Hastings, the Deputy Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, briefed the Security Council this morning on the Israeli-Palestinian situation and said that we continue to witness concerning levels of violence against civilians, which exacerbates mistrust and undermines a peaceful resolution to the conflict. 

Martha Pobee, the Assistant Secretary-General for Africa, briefed the Security Council yesterday on Libya, calling the situation there “highly volatile”.

In a statement we issued yesterday, the Secretary-General strongly condemned the executions carried out this weekend by the Myanmar military against four political activists in Myanmar and offered his condolences to their families. 

In Ethiopia, our humanitarian colleagues continue to provide critical assistance to millions of people affected by conflict and drought.

The UN Human Rights Office today released a report which says that the rising levels of violence perpetrated by non-State armed groups and criminal organizations in rural areas of Colombia are having a devastating impact on vulnerable populations, including human rights defenders. 

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