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Workshop: Cultural and linguistic diversity in…

Workshop: Cultural and linguistic diversity in the era of digitalization and emerging technologies

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Cross-perspectives on the challenges of cultural and linguistic diversity in the context of developing a new roadmap for digital cooperation.
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The digital transition represents a tremendous opportunity to bring people from all over the world together. Thanks to technological innovations, the flow of data, content and information generated by a wide variety of users is constantly increasing, paradoxically accelerating a process of standardization in the virtual world that impoverishes the linguistic and cultural richness of the real world. The unique characteristics of societies tend to erode as borders are reshaped by the digital transformation.


  • Raise awareness of the risks and opportunities of digital technologies on cultural and linguistic diversity;
  • Explore operational solutions to eliminate all obstacles, including linguistic and cultural ones, to achieve inclusive digital transition;
  • Identify relevant objectives, commitments, and actions for a Global Digital Compact to promote, protect, and preserve multilingualism and cultural diversity in the digital world, in the framework of the ongoing negotiating sessions of the Global Digital Compact.
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