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UNCTAD - Press Conference: Digital Economy Report…

UNCTAD - Press Conference: Digital Economy Report 2024

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Digital Economy Report 2024: Shaping an environmentally sustainable and inclusive digital future.
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The Digital Economy Report 2024 underscores the urgent need for environmentally sustainable and inclusive digitalization strategies.

Digital technology and infrastructure depend heavily on raw materials, and the production and disposal of more and more devices, along with growing water and energy needs are taking an increasing toll on the planet.

For example, the production and use of digital devices, data centres and information and communications technology (ICT) networks account for an estimated 6% to 12% of global electricity use.

Developing countries bear the brunt of the environmental costs of digitalization while reaping fewer benefits. They export low value-added raw materials and import high value-added devices, along with increasing digital waste. Geopolitical tensions over critical minerals, abundant in many of these countries, complicate the challenges.

The report calls for bold action from policymakers, industry leaders and consumers. It urges a global shift towards a circular digital economy, focusing on circularity by design through durable products, responsible consumption, reuse and recycling, and sustainable business models.


  • Rebeca Grynspan, Secretary General, UN Trade and Development
  • Shamika Sirimanne, UN Trade and Development, Director of Technology and Logistics
  • Mr. Torbjörn Fredriksson, UN Trade and Development, Head of the E-Commerce and Digital Economy Branch

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