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Collective Action for Human Settlements in the…

Collective Action for Human Settlements in the Amazon: Strategies for Sustainable and Resilient Development (HLPF 2024 Side Event)

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Created in 1992, the Forum of Ministers and High Authorities of Housing and Urban Development of Latin America and the Caribbean (MINURVI) is the highest institution for intergovernmental coordination and cooperation among the countries of the region in the areas of housing, urban planning and sustainable urban development. This Forum promotes the exchange of experiences, forms alliances and launches new initiatives to benefit the territories and the population of the region.
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The event will serve as a vital platform for dialogue, enabling stakeholders from various sectors to share best practices, forge partnerships, and devise actionable strategies for the sustainable development of the Amazon region. This collaborative effort is crucial for preserving the Amazon's ecological integrity while promoting economic and social advancement across its territories.
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