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2016 JCI Global Partnership Summit - Investing in the Global Goals for Sustainable Development
28 Jul 2016 -  Junior Chamber International (JCI) Global Partnership Summit on investing in the Global Goals for Stustainable Development.
The world we live in today is constantly evolving. Traditional solutions to global challenges are no longer sufficient. As engaged citizens invested in the future, JCI members seize the opportunity to take local action for global impact. Uniting citizens from the government, business and civil sectors at the JCI Global Partnership Summit expands our ability to create sustainable impact. Delegates unite with JCI partners and friends at this annual event to discuss solutions to the critical challenges of our time. Summit attendees explore how the coordinated efforts of all sectors of society can lead the way to sustainable change through collective local action. The dynamic conversation at the JCI Global Partnership Summit focuses on the future and the great opportunity young people have to create a better world. With the support of the Office of the UN Secretary General’s Envoy on Youth, the 2016 JCI Global Partnership Summit will engage leaders to discuss important challenges and opportunities that the Global Goals present.
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