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High Level Panel: Taking the Environment into Account - Side Event, 51st Statistical Commission (3-6 March 2020)
2 Mar 2020 -  The System for Environmental-Economic Accounting (SEEA), is an integrated statistical framework that brings together disparate economic and environmental data to provide a systems approach for understanding the environment-economy nexus.
Over the past several years, there has been overwhelming demand for information derived from the SEEA-EEA. As a response, the SEEA EEA is currently being revised, with the objective of developing agreed methodologies to measure ecosystems and their contribution to the economy and more broadly to wellbeing.
This High Level Panel will take stock of the progress made on the SEEA-EEA, discuss how the accounts can be developed using big data, explore how the accounts can be used to mainstream natural capital into the policy debate, and discuss how the SEEA has helped shift the role of NSOs from data compilers towards data custodians.