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Investing to Expand Reproductive Health Programming - CSW60 Side Event
16 Mar 2016 -  Women's health is often discussed through the lens of contraception and abortion. Scientific research, however, points to the importance of hormonal health for both overal and reproductive health of women. Understanding their bodies and ensuring access to diagnosis and treatment, rather than simply management of symptoms, is essential to achieving informed consent and human rights for women, while also providing the highest standards of health to all women. FEMM offers personalized education, diagnosis and treatment to women. Collaborations with the Human Dignity Curriculum (HDC) allow the dissemination of recent science and health care information to communities, schools, adolescents and at risk populations, in the US and abroad. Learn more about FEMM and the HDC, and how these programs can better fulfill the commitments in SDG's 3 (health), 4 (education) and 5 (gender equality) through collaboration with both the public and private sectors.
Organized by the Permanent Mission of the Holy See to the UN.