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Secretary-General's Video Message for Chinese New Year
19 Jan 2012 -  (23 January 2012)

Happy Lunar New Year!
Gong He Xin Xi
I send my warmest congratulations on this auspicious celebration!
The New Year is a time for families and friends to come together.
It is a season of renewal.
The Year of the Dragon reminds us of our dynamism … our energy … our power to make a difference.
Let us, in that spirit, work throughout this year to help those who are suffering … to advance peace … and to build the future we want.
Happy New Year to all of you.
I send my best wishes for a vibrant Year of the Dragon …
And for the good health, prosperity and happiness of each and every one of you.
Thank you.
Xin Chun Kuai Le
Xie Xie.
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