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(Part 1) 8th annual World Down Syndrome Day Conference - Theme: “Leave no one behind in education”
21 Mar 2019 -  Down Syndrome International will bring together people with Down syndrome, their supporters and advocates, education professionals and experts in the field, government and UN officials at United Nations Headquarters, New York.
The aim is to reach out to key stakeholders in education to ensure they understand how to provide opportunities, on a fully inclusive basis, in turn encouraging these stakeholders to disseminate this message to bring about change.
The event will focus on:
the concept and practice of fully inclusive education; innovative programmes which provide opportunities for all people, including those with Down syndrome; engaging stakeholders to disseminate the message that people with Down syndrome must have opportunities in education.  The format will comprise a mix of panel discussion, case studies and testimonies and interactive Q&A with participants to encourage maximum learning and arrive at tangible follow up actions.