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Geneva Press Briefing: HRC, OCHA, UNECE, ILO, IPU, ICRC, IOM, UNHCR
14 Mar 2014 -  PRESS BRIEFING – 14 March 2014
Attendance list

CMV To announce, on behalf of OHCHR
- Assistant Secretary-General Ivan Simonovic will hold a press conference in Kiev at 13h00 Kiev time today. Ravina will circulate a press release and end-of-mission statement at the time of the press conference.
- High Commissioner Navi Pillay will also be holding a press conference at the end of her mission to Nigeria, at 11h30 today. Again, an end-of-mission statement will be circulated.

HRC Rolando Gomez - Short update on HRC activities
OCHA Jens Laerke – Will announce press conference of Tuesday 18 March on Lebanon
UN ORCHESTRA - Antoine Marguier (conductor) and Sonja Koeppel Spring Concert on Friday, March 21st at 8pm in Victoria Hall. The proceeds from the concert will support the Biliki Society, founded in 1997 in Gori, Georgia. The Orchestra's contribution will help support day care centres and homes which provide educational, psychological and social services to vulnerable children.
UNECE Jean Rodriguez Activities of next week, esp. 21/3, International Day of Forests and the Tree. Activities in Gva will include a fashion show.
IPU Fernando Puchol : update on IPU’s Assembly next week.
ILO Hans von Rohland: announce a new ILO report on microinsurance coming out today

ICRC Ewan Watson
IOM Christiane Berthiaume

UNHCR Fatoumata Lejeune-Kaba
IOM Christiane Berthiaume: Evacuation d’une centaine de Mauritaniens

Other issues
IOM Christiane Berthiaume: Haiti : lutte contre le choléra
ICRC Jean-Yves Clemenzo: Sud Soudan.
Coming, not briefing UNICEF – Patrick McCormick WFP Elisabeth Byrs WHO Tarik Jasarevic UNCTAD Catherine Sibut