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27 Mar 2020 -  Biweekly Geneva Press Briefing Chaired by Alessandra Vellucci, Director of the United Nations Information Service in Geneva

OCHA - Jens Laerke
· Short wrap-up on COVID-19 / humanitarian

WFP - Elisabeth Byrs
· New digital map shows terrible impact of COVID-19 on school meals around the world

ILO - Rosalind Yarde
• Upcoming ILO COVID-19 related world of work briefs:
· Updated employment impact stats
· Inequality
· Protecting health workers
· Social protection

UNCTAD - Catherine Huissoud
• COVID-19 - New study on financial shortfall in developing countries

IFRC - President Francesco Rocca, representing the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement, by phone from Italy
• Appeal to respond to COVID-19 / coordinated scale up of the Red Cross Red Crescent COVID-19 global response
• Mr. Rocca’s visit on the field in Northern Italy and the humanitarian situation there

OHCHR - Rupert Colville
• Ethiopia - Internet shutdown
• Sri Lanka - Pardon for army sergeant convicted of massacre
• Hungary – Draft bill granting overly broad emergency powers

UNHCR Andrej Mahecic
• UNHCR: mounting civilian casualties and displacement in western Myanmar
• After five years of conflict Yemeni families continue to flee their homes