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SDG Media Zone, 14-16 July 2020: Sustainability, Solidarity, Solutions
15 Jul 2020 -  Panel 2: Solidarity
No region has been spared from the spread of COVID-19. Its ripple effects have been complex and widespread, and no country or community can escape either the health or the socio-economic dimensions of the crisis on its own. Solidarity has always been at the core of the United Nations’ work - it creates hope, promotes multilateralism, and opens up possibilities and the promise for our collective future – factors critical to address the challenges we face today: COVID-19, poverty, inequalities and climate change.
We ask three advocates, who are passionate about the right to information, human rights, peace and reconciliation, and youth empowerment - UN Under-Secretary-General for Global Communications Melissa Fleming, Actor and SDG Advocate Forest Whitaker and Farai Mubaiwa, a young change-maker and founder of Africa Matters - the importance of placing the values of solidarity and human rights at the heart of all recovery efforts.
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