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Item:8 General Debate - 29th Meeting, 45th Regular Session Human Rights Council
1 Oct 2020 -  General debate Item 8: follow-up to and implementation of the Vienna Declaration and Programme of Action

45th Regular Session of the Human Rights Council.

Oral statements delivered at the session (provided that States send them), lists of speakers and draft resolutions, are available on the HRC extranet [username: hrc extranet (with space); password: 1session]

Germany (on behalf of the European Union), Mr. Ralf Schröer
Azerbaijan (on behalf of NAM), Mr. Emin Aslanov
Germany (on behalf of the European Union), Mr. Ralf Schröer (cont’d)
Estonia (on behalf of a Group of Countries), Ms. Katrin Saarsalu-Layachi
Kuwait (on behalf of the Arab Group), Mr. Saad Ama Almehaini
Pakistan (on behalf of the OIC), Mr. Khalil-ur-Rahman Hashmi
Sweden (on behalf of a Group of Countries), Ms. Anna Jardfelt
Austria (on behalf of a Group of Countries), Mr. Robert Müller
Pakistan, Mr. Khalil-ur-Rahman Hashmi
India, Mr. Vimarsh Aryan
Indonesia, Mr. Agustinus Anindityo Adi Primasto
Armenia, Mr. Nairi Petrossian
Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of), Mr. Manuel Enrique García Andueza
Bahrain, Ms. Noora Adnan Almannaei
Nepal, Mr. Tirtha Raj Wagle
Sudan, Mr. Ahmed Taha
Greece, Mr. Thiseas Fragkiskos Poullos
China, Mr. Qi Lin
Iran (Islamic Republic of), Mr. Seyed Mohammad Sadati Nejad
Algeria, Mr. Charif Dehimi
Russian Federation, Mr. Dmitry Vorobiev
United Nations Development Programme, Ms. Maria Luisa Silva
Myanmar, Ms. Yi Mar Aung
Azerbaijan, Mr. Emin Aslanov
Global Alliance of National Human Rights Institutions, Mr. Ali Al-Marri
Action Canada for Population and Development (Joint Statement), Ms. Emeline Dupuis
International Lesbian and Gay Association, Mr. Gabriel Coutinho Galil
Zero Poor in Africa, Ms. Arwa Ahmed Ahmed Al-Khutabi
Organisation internationale pour les pays les moins avancés (OIPMA), Ms. Viktoriia Savitska
Friends World Committee for Consultation, Ms. Laurel Townhead
Mouvement contre le racisme et pour l'amitié entre les peuples, Mr. Mbarek Aabella
Asociacion HazteOir.org, Mr. Ruben Navarro
Federation for Women and Family Planning, Ms. Caroline Shelver
France Libertes : Fondation Danielle Mitterrand, Ms. M'bata Youssef
Congregation of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd (Joint Statement), Ms. Silvia Beike
Female Synergy for peace and sustainable development, Mr. Faysal Al Kaify
Sikh Human Rights Group, Mr. Iván Lorenci de Francisco
International Muslim Women's Union, Ms. Warda Najam
World Jewish Congress, Mr. Gabriel Renaud Meir Shohet
World Muslim Congress, Mr. Saeed-uz-Zaman Raja
International Council Supporting Fair Trial and Human Rights, Mr. Mohammed Abdulkarem Sharaf Abo Taleb
Solidarité Suisse-Guinée, Mr. Farouk Mohammed Kasem Ghaleb
Al Baraem Association for Charitable Work, Ms. Saba Shehzad
Guinea Medical Mutual Association, Mr. Abdulnasser Ahmed
Global Institute for Water, Environment and Health, Ms. Yuan Tingyu
Global Welfare Association, Ms. Jocelyn Sala Rochaix
Americans for Democracy & Human Rights in Bahrain, Mr. Jean-Baptiste Puginier
CIVICUS - World Alliance for Citizen Participation, Ms. Lisa Majumdar
Mother of Hope Cameroon Common Initiative Group, Ms. Maria Patricia Marzan Fernando
United Nations Watch, Mr. Hilel Neuer
International Human Rights Association of American Minorities, Mr. Ronald Barnes
Liberation, Ms. Jocelyn Sala Rochaix
Khiam Rehabilitation Center for Victims of Torture, Mr. Ahmed Omar Ahmed Aly
Villages Unis (United Villages), Mr. Magdi Alakwa
International Institute for Rights and Development Geneva, Ms. Nour Hamada
Ingenieurs du Monde, Mr. Hilel Neuer
European Centre for Law and Justice, Mr. Christophe Foltzenlogel
Servas International, Ms. Daniela Doenges
Health and Environment Program (HEP), Ms. Madeleine Scherb
International Women's Health Coalition, Ms. Jane Galvao
African Commission of Health and Human Rights Promoters, Ms. Ana Leurinda
Indigenist Missionary Council (CIMI), Ms. Geise Perrelet
Prahar, Ms. Maria Patricia Marzan Fernando
African Green Foundation International, Mr. Hiru Makawitage
International Buddhist Relief Organisation, Mr. Brian Fransis Averil Basnayake
Elmostakbell for Developpement, Ms. Nguyen Tram Tran Ngoc
India (Right of Reply), Mr. Vimarsh Aryan
Brazil (Right of Reply), Mr. Carlos Henrique Zimmermann
Pakistan (Right of Reply), Mr. Muhammad Salman Khalid Chaudhary
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