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(Part 1) Hispanic Leadership Summit
9 Dec 2019 -  The Hispanic Leadership Summit is a nonpartisan, neutral platform organized by a nonprofit to agree on common objectives by leaders from the Hispanic community. The focus will be on unification and finding common ground.

There will be around 350-400 representatives from different communities and sectors from U.S. Hispanic groups to discuss the theme of unification. The summit will be a culmination of the regional summits and international events throughout 2019 to report on findings and discuss next steps to continue the momentum of positive change for the US Hispanic Community. The summit will reflect a boardroom-style discussion to validate, update, and prioritize the key actions discussed in 2019 to finalize the creation of a game plan for the Hispanic community to move the needle during 2020.

The major topics and goals of the event are unification of the Hispanic community and advancing the Vision 2020, or shared agenda for the Hispanic community which includes access to education, financial empowerment, and changing the perception of the Hispanic community.