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(Day 3, Part 1) Preparatory (stocktaking) meeting of the Intergovernmental Conference to adopt a Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration (6 December 2017) - Clip
6 Dec 2017 -  1. Opening session
2. Reporting Session: Thematic Synthesis and Consolidation – Towards concrete commitments
Introduction and moderation:
H.E. Mr. Juan José Gómez Camacho, Permanent Representative of Mexico to the United Nations in New York
Reports from action groups:
All 6 rapporteurs from the action groups report back from discussions on the six dimensions of international migration
3. Folow-up and Implementation Session – Towards a coherent institutional architecture and effective partnerships
Introduction and moderation:
H.E. Mr. Jürg Lauber, Permanent Representative of Switzerland to the United Nations in New York
Panel on institutional architecture and partnerships:
Ms. Colleen Thouez, Senior Fellow of the Columbia University Global Policy Initiative
Mr. Colin Rajah, IOM Civil Society Liaison
Interactive discussion
All participants