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Closing High-Level Plenary - Global Festival of Action for Sustainable Development 2019
4 May 2019 -  Time to act!

This closing plenary session will be a momentous occasion of inspiring calls to action, rallying cries from renowned activists and highlights of key opportunities for all Festival goers to engage, act and catalyse their own SDG activations as we head towards the SDG Summit in New York in September.

Part 1: Your voice counts
The session will open with a performance of 'I NEED AIR' by the Bonn Opera Choir amd SAVE THE WORLD Theatre group, setting the stage for an inspirational address from an Amazon activist.
This segment will be 'rapped-up' by a spoken word poet who will intersperse key messages from across the course of the Festival with a call to action for us all to raise our voices.

Part 2: Festival insights: How to play your part in the global SDG movement
During this segment, festival-goers will learn more about, the UN SDG Strategy Hub, Global day to act for the SDGs, Global Goals Week and ways in which each and every SDG actor can engage!
The session will draw to a close with concluding remarks, and festival-goers will be sent off with an inspiring audio and visual performance.