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Smart Youth Advocacy: The Case of MY World Mexico - Plenary Session, Global Festival of Action for Sustainable Development 2019 (Day 2)
3 May 2019 -  The session is based on MY World Mexico’s methodology on youth advocacy workshops led in the country’s 32 states in 2018 which had the participation of more than 1,000 young people that have impacted the lives of almost a million people. MY World Mexico looks forward to showcasing and replicate this methodology which allows young people to start networks that contribute to national dialogues and policy on SDGs.

Limited resources, time and management are among the top challenges young people face to influence public policy. The session will provide key steps put into practice in a local, national and global context which not only helped shaped the SDGs, but allowed to position their landing into national policy.

• MY World Mexico will share tools and knowledge based on practical to achieve effective and inclusive decision-making processes at the national and local levels.
• SDSN Youth will provide tools and mechanisms at the global level which have positioned youth as key implementors of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

What are the aims and objectives?
Provide young people from all backgrounds with effective advocacy tools to lead large youth groups that influence policy-making on SDGs.
Identify skills, resources and people to connect and create advocacy scenarios for SDG landing and policy.
Put into practice the knowledge gained into the local context.

Who is the target audience?
Young people interested in starting national SDG movements, organizations or campaigns (aged between 14 to 35). However, people from all backgrounds and ages can benefit from the materials in the session.