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Agents of Change - 10th session of the Forum on Minority Issues
1 Dec 2017 -  Item 5. Minority youth: agents of change for peace and stability
The session will debate the role of young minority men and women as valuable innovators and agents of change, whose contributions should be seen as an essential part of building peaceful communities. Through the experience of three youth from minority groups, the session will consider the creative and effective role played by minority youth in faith-based peacebuilding initiatives, using dialogue, building relationships, reconciliation and forgiveness, focusing on commonalities while respecting differences. This panel discussion will address the need for meaningful minority youth involvement — including young minority women — at all levels of peacebuilding, conflict prevention and countering of violence and violent extremism. It will also reflect on the benefits of minority youth ownership and leadership in peace and conflict prevention processes. Minority youth involvement can also support democratic governance and transition, which respects and acknowledges the rich tapestry of a State’s cultural, religious and linguistic diversity. The session will also discuss how implementing minority rights can help to prevent conflicts and counter violent extremism, including among youth.

Panel discussion moderated by Prof. John Packer, expert on minority rights and conflict prevention
• Ms. Wai Wai Nu, Director and founder of the Women Peace Network (Myanmar)
• Ms. Francia Marquez, Afro Colombian leader and human rights defender (Colombia)
• Mr. Nfor Hanson Nchanji, Founder of Cameroon News Agency(Cameroon) Interactive Dialogue
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