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11th meeting, Resumed session of the Special Committee on decolonization (C-24)
24 Jun 2016 -  1. Adoption of the agenda
2. Question of French Polynesia (A/AC.109/2016/7 and A/AC.109/2015/L.16)
3. Question of New Caledonia (A/AC.109/2016/11 and A/AC.109/2015/L.12)
4. Question of American Samoa (A/AC.109/2016/L.8)
5. Question of Anguilla (A/AC.109/2016/L.9)
6. Question of Bermuda (A/AC.109/2016/L.10)
7. Question of the British Virgin Islands (A/AC.109/2016/L.11)
8. Question of the Cayman Islands (A/AC.109/2016/L.12)
9. Question of Guam (A/AC.109/2016/L.14)
10. Question of Montserrat (A/AC.109/2016/L.15)
11. Question of Pitcairn (A/AC.109/2016/L.16)
12. Question of Saint Helena (A/AC.109/2016/L.17)
13. Question of the Turks and Caicos Islands (A/AC.109/2016/L.18)
14. Question of the United States Virgin Islands (A/AC.109/2016/L.19)
15. Economic and other activities which affect the interests of the peoples of the Non -SelfGoverning Territories (A/AC.109/2016/L.22) 16. Report of the Pacific Regional Seminar (A/AC.109/2016/CRP.1)
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