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First Committee, 21st meeting - General Assembly, 74th session
1 Nov 2019 -  Disarmament and International Security Committee.
• Panel discussion
President, Conference on Disarmament
Chair, Advisory Board on Disarmament Matters
Director, United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR)
• Thematic discussion on specific subjects and introduction and consideration of all draft resolutions and decisions submitted under agenda items (from 89 to 105)
• Disarmament machinery (continued)
A/C.1/74/1, A/C.1/74/INF/1, A/C.1/74/INF/4, A/74/27, A/74/29, A/74/77, A/74/90, A/74/96, A/74/97, A/74/98, A/74/99, A/74/110, A/74/112, A/74/114, A/74/115, A/74/116, A/74/117, A/74/118, A/74/120, A/74/122, A/74/140 A/74/141, A/74/154, A/74/155, A/74/157 (Part I), A/74/157 (Part II), A/74/158, A/74/180, A/74/187, A/74/201, A/74/211, A/74/218, A/74/247, A/C.1/74/L.1, A/C.1/74/L.2, A/C.1/74/L.3, A/C.1/74/L.4, A/C.1/74/L.5, A/C.1/74/L.6, A/C.1/74/L.7, A/C.1/74/L.8, A/C.1/74/L.9, A/C.1/74/L.10, A/C.1/74/L.11, A/C.1/74/L.12, A/C.1/74/L.13, A/C.1/74/L.14, A/C.1/74/L.15, A/C.1/74/L.16, A/C.1/74/L.17, A/C.1/74/L.18, A/C.1/74/L.19, A/C.1/74/L.20, A/C.1/74/L.21, A/C.1/74/L.22, A/C.1/74/L.23, A/C.1/74/L.24, A/C.1/74/L.25, A/C.1/74/L.26, A/C.1/74/L.27, A/C.1/74/L.28, A/C.1/74/L.29, A/C.1/74/L.30, A/C.1/74/L.31, A/C.1/74/L.32, A/C.1/74/L.33, A/C.1/74/L.34, A/C.1/74/L.35, A/C.1/74/L.36, A/C.1/74/L.37, A/C.1/74/L.38, A/C.1/74/L.39, A/C.1/74/L.40, A/C.1/74/L.41, A/C.1/74/L.42, A/C.1/74/L.43, A/C.1/74/L.44, A/C.1/74/L.45, A/C.1/74/L.46, A/C.1/74/L.47, A/C.1/74/L.48, A/C.1/74/L.49, A/C.1/74/L.50, A/C.1/74/L.51, A/C.1/74/L.52, A/C.1/74/L.53, A/C.1/74/L.54, A/C.1/74/L.55, A/C.1/74/L.56, A/C.1/74/L.57, A/C.1/74/L.58, A/C.1/74/L.59, A/C.1/74/L.60, A/C.1/74/L.61
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