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Launch of the Report Financing the UN Development System: Time for Hard Choices
6 Sep 2019 -  The fifth annual report of Financing the United Nations Development System at­tempts to provide fresh insights into the funding of the UN development system and into the positioning of that funding within the larger financing dynamics of the 2030 Agenda. In a world which is both simple and complex, the choices for im­pact are numerous and diverse and what follows are hard decisions about the alloca­tion of resources.

This is a report about hard choices ahead of us, governments, leaders, investors and citizens, to fund a multilateral approach to address today’s most stubborn and urgent global development changes – climate, inequality, health, migration, extremism and disease prevention, for example. The case for multilateral approach to these chal­lenges needs to be based on evidence on where and which areas is the most effective option. It is not about new public and private actors or the volume of financial flows per se but it is about the composition, positioning and the role they expect to (and can) play.

The title – and indeed the report – aims to showcase the complexities and innova­tions that exist for financing the 2030 Agenda and recognize the need for this to be supported by a hard – as opposed to soft or marginal - multilateral approach to SDG achievement.
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