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(Part 2 ) African Union Challenges: Shaping the African Emergence (2nd edition)
21 Feb 2020 -  Programme:
1. “African Union Challenges: Shaping the African Emergence”: Keynote Speech
2. Presentation on the Amadeus Institute’s Stability Index 2019
3. “UNSC, PSC, G5-Sahel, ECOWAS & SADC : Resolving the African Peace & Security Puzzle”
4. Q & A Session
5. Presentation on the Amadeus Institute’s Attractivity Index 2019
6. “ACFTA & RECS: Strengthening the Integration & Emergence of the Continent”
7. Q & A Session

The African Union is relying upon progressive integration, promptly benefiting all the African states and people, in turn triggering the emergence of an economic integration at the continental level under the basis of inclusive development. The enforcement of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (ACFTA) in May 2019 has undoubtedly established the pillars of an emerging Africa.
However, given the context of global insecurity in Africa, notably due to terrorism (Sahel), the instability of certain states such as Libya, the resurgence of cross-border crime and the persistence of certain conflicts (DRC, CAR, Mali, Central African Republic), African integration seems to be a complicated feat. Therefore, as part of its medium and long term goals, the African Union intends to successfully achieve the agenda 2063 which consists of:
- Creating an African integrated market (ACFTA).
- Maintaining peace and stability in areas of conflict.
- Fighting against terrorism and illegal migration.
- Creating economic transformation and harmonious development of the states.
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