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Reynaldo by Dan Childs & Nick Werber, UK - Forest Film Winner 2013
20 Sep 2013 -  ‘Reynaldo’ is one of 5 films that won an Award at the International Forests Short Film Festival. The film tells the story of Reynaldo Ochoa, an inspiration to the people of Manu in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest. Over 20 years he has encouraged farmers to plant trees with their crops, enabling families to grow fresh organic produce to forge a brighter sustainable future - both protecting the environment and allowing local livelihoods to flourish. Film maker and journalist duo, Dan Childs and Nick Werber, were awarded at UNFF10 in Istanbul, Turkey on 10 April 2013. It also won Best Short Film at the 2013 UK Green Film Festival.

The United Nations Forum on Forests Secretariat partnered with the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival to honor the creative efforts of film makers who capture dynamic and unique relationship between forests and the people who depend on them. This year’s Film Festival was for short films of five minutes or less. 128 entries from 38 countries competed to win at the prestigious Festival.