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Global Commitment for Waste Wise Cities Campaign - WUF10 (8-13 February 2020, Abu Dhabi, UAE)
9 Feb 2020 -  UN-Habitat launched Waste Wise Cities Campaign in 2018 with a call for action in sustainable solid waste management in cities. WWF International has launched Plastic Smart Cities, to respond to the increasing concern of marine plastic pollution coming from mismanagement of waste management in cities with a strong focus in South East Asia. In 2017, Government of Japan, together with UN-Habitat, established African Clean Cities Platform, a knowledge sharing and investment promotion platform to address waste management challenges in rapidly urbanizing Africa. Vanke Foundation from China, a philanthropy organization of one of the world largest real estate company, has been working on community-based solutions for reducing waste in and outside of China. Now, four organizations who shares the same aspirations join hands together to achieve ambitious goal to clean up the cities and tackle marine plastic pollution in rapidly urbanizing world through helping cities establish sustainable waste management systems. The Press Conference will showcase the efforts and achievements of each organization so far as well as commitments to shared value for sustainable waste management and circular economy in the world cities.
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