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UNESCO Cities Platform: Urban solutions for global challenges - WUF10 (8-13 February 2020, Abu Dhabi, UAE)
10 Feb 2020 -  City actors are the engines of sustainable development at the local level, and can offer valuable insights and experience in tackling emerging challenges to sustainable development. Cities face increased population growth, diversity, mobility, connectivity and exposure to knowledge - more than at any time in human history. Yet, poverty, social inequality, environmental degradation, discrimination and natural disasters have become a recurrent reality that cities must confront. The adoption of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is an important opportunity to build on UNESCO’s transversal experience to address today's challenges in achieving longlasting sustainable development for communities and cities in line with SDG 11. In this context, eight UNESCO cities’ networks and programmes members of the UNESCO Cities Platform (UCP) have come together to craft a strategic integrated vision and coordinated action to support the transformation of cities through innovation from the social, cultural, environmental, educational, technological and economic perspectives from a multidisciplinary and multistakeholders approach. This event will be an opportunity to highlight innovative urban practices illustrating UNESCO’s work on sustainable development at the city level, building on cultural heritage and urban regeneration, technical and vocational education and lifelong learning, resilience, creativity, information and communication technologies, cultural diversity and social inclusion. City actors and professionals will exchange their initiatives and achievements to respond to the most pressing issues facing cities, while reaffirming their commitment to the SDGs and to "leaving no one behind".
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