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First Committee, 8th meeting - 71st General Assembly
11 Oct 2016 -  Disarmament and International Security Committee (First Committee), 8th meeting
General debate on all disarmament and international security agenda items (items 89 to 105)
[Documents of the Committee: item 89 (A/71/115 and A/71/115/Add.1); item 90; item 91; item 92; item 93 (A/71/172); item 94 (A/71/135 (Part I) and A/71/135 (Part I) /Add.1); item 95; item 96; item 97; item 98 (A/71/140/Rev.1, A/71/140/Rev.1/Add.1, A/71/129, A/71/126, A/71/152, A/71/152/Add.1, A/71/259, A/71/138, A/71/138/Add.1, A/71/154, A/71/123, A/71/123/Add.1, A/71/151, A/71/84, A/71/161, A/71/124, A/71/124/Add.1, A/71/133, A/71/122, A/71/122/Add.1, A/71/132, A/71/139, A/71/137, A/71/371, A/71/131 and A/71/187); item 99 (A/71/95, A/71/95/Corr.1, A/71/153, A/71/128, A/71/127, A/71/125 and A/71/293); item 100 (A/71/162, A/71/176, A/71/27, A/71/42 and A/C.1/71/L.6); item 101 (A/71/135 (Part II)); item 102 (A/C.1/71/L.4); item 103 (A/71/156 and A/71/156/Add.1); item 104 (A/71/134 and A/71/134/Add.1); and item 105
[Other documents: Organization of work (A/C.1/71/1, A/C.1/71/INF/1, A/C.1/71/INF/4, A/C.1/71/CRP.1/Rev.1 and A/C.1/71/CRP.2/Rev.1)]

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