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Second Committee, 23rd meeting - General Assembly, 74th session
21 Nov 2019 -  Economic and Financial Committee.
- Introduction of draft resolutions A/C.2/74/L.6, A/C.2/74/L.7, A/C.2/74/L.13, A /C.2/74/L.17, A/C.2/74/L.19, A/C.2/74/L.20, A/C.2/74/L.22, A/C.2/74/L.25, A/C.2/74/L.26, A/C.2/74/L.27, A/C.2/74/L.28, A/C.2/74/L.29, A/C.2/74/L.30, A/C.2/74/L.38 and A/C.2/74/L.39
- Macroeconomic policy questions - Item 17
- International trade and development - Item 17 (a)
Action on draft resolution A/C.2/74/L.5/Rev.1
- Agriculture development, food security and nutrition - Item 24
Introduction of and action on draft resolution A/C.2/74/L.2/Rev.1