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ACABQ celebrates 70th Anniversary
10 Feb 2016 -  The ACABQ was established by the General Assembly in its resolution 14 (I) of 1946 to advise the Assembly on budgetary, administrative and financial matters of the United Nations and its specialized agencies. The Committee started its formal functions in November of 1946. Today, the sixteen-member ACABQ meets primarily in New York in closed sessions fulfilling its role of providing advice to the General Assembly and other intergovernmental bodies. Its members serve in their individual capacity, not representing their countries.
As the scope and complexity of the work of the United Nations continue to evolve, the ACABQ provides an assurance that all administrative, budgetary and financial aspects have been thoroughly reviewed. In its seventy years, the Advisory Committee has assisted the General Assembly in arriving at consensus-based decisions on the Organization’s critical policy matters and budgets across the whole spectrum of the Organization’s work, including major change initiatives.