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Fourth Committee, 27th meeting - General Assembly, 72nd session
8 Nov 2017 -  1. Report of the Special Committee to Investigate Israeli Practices Affecting the Human Rights of the Palestinian People and Other Arabs of the Occupied Territories (A/72/296, A/72/314, A/72/538, A/72/539, A/72/564 (to be issued) and A/72/565 (to be issued)) [item 54]
Conclusion of general debate
2. Economic and other activities which affect the interests of the peoples of the Non-Self-Governing Territories [item 59]
Action on draft resolution A/C.4/72/L.14
3. Implementation of the Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples [item 62]
Action on draft resolutions A/C.4/72/L.15 and A/C.4/72/L.16
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